N'Run 5S

N’Run 5S EVO is equipped in addition with 2 foldable side wings in the middle section. This multisectional table is completely ergonomic and versatile. Perfect for those professionals who seek staying very close to the patient when they need to.

Technical data
Motor: 2 engines (height)
Dimensions (length x width): 205 x 71 cm
Height (min. and max.): 59/95 cm
Weight: 152.5 kg
Thickness: Thickness: 7 cm
Density: 120 kg/m³ / 40 kg/m³
Loading capacity: 250 kg

Foreseen delivery time: 04/10/2023
The N’Run style
‘Cause you deserve the best treatment table! Pure lines, elegant shapes and technical optimised solutions are the soul of Naggura’n. Tables that will leave you speechless!
Double density cushions
The double padded cushions combine a high-density foam with a soft upper layer. The perfect table for manipulation techniques. Your comfort zone!
Ergonomic arm supports which ensure best position of the patient when lying in prone position. Patented operation system fully articulated by gaslift and lever. The supports can be lowered and lifted by the patient himself in a very smooth way, without preset positions. The mechanism does not collide against the therapist when sit on the headrest area with a stool.
Built-in heating system
The mattress with heating provides gentle warmth to make your patients feel fully relaxed. The best treatment starts with a warm welcoming.
Side wings
Treat your patient in the most ergonomic position thanks to the foldable side wings. Always stay by the side of the patient.
LED lighting
Create a nice and relaxing atmosphere in your therapy room. Shine a light on your Naggura EVO.
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