Swop 2L Massage

All-round electrical treatment table. 2-section therapy table for treatments on patients lying down in supine or prone positions or semi-sitting position. Swop 2L Massage is equipped as standard with a white LED lighting on the base and a 4-wheel system turning 360º which can be blocked and unblocked by a lever.

Versatile and all-round
The Swop 2L Massage table is an essential tool which adapts to the needs of healthcare and wellness professionals. It’s ideal as a massage table and perfect for any type of treatment in a beauty salon.
Bamboo Sound System
Let the sound emerge from the table or take the Swop Bluetooth speaker wherever you want. Well-being and music are the perfect duo.
Front interchangeable panels
'Cause you never get up in the same mood! Swap the front boards in a matter of seconds and you'll get a new table. You need no tools! Choose the garment you like the most for your table and smile!
Hidden and retractable 4-wheel system that turns 360º to ease the movement of the table. Limitless flexibility!
Ergonomic hand support with a design inspired on a handlebar to be held by the patient when lying in prone position.
Naggura Skin
High-end Naggura Skin upholstery made of vinyl coated fabric that offers optimum quality, resistance and durability in the healthcare environments.
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