Swop B4

4-motor beauty bed of optimum stability and ultra-compact frame. The engines allow adjusting the backrest, footrest, height and Trendelenburg positions easily with its hand controller. Swop B4 Pro is equipped as standard with a white LED lighting on the base and a 4-wheel system turning 360º which can be blocked and unblocked with a lever.

Technical data
4 engine
Dimensions (length x width): 193 x 83 cm
Height (min. and max.): 63/94 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Thickness: Thickness: 10 cm
Density: 40 kg/m³
Loading capacity: 175 kg

All-round and Functional
Swop B4 Pro is a 4-motor beauty chair conceived for beauty salons or advanced aesthetic centres. Perfect for dermatology and medical examination. Swop B4 Pro is medical certified according to (EU) 2017/745 regulation.
Bamboo Sound System
Let the sound emerge from the table or take the Swop Bluetooth speaker wherever you want. Well-being and music are the perfect duo.
Front interchangeable panels
'Cause you never get up in the same mood! Swap the front boards in a matter of seconds and you'll get a new table. You need no tools! Choose the garment you like the most for your table and smile!
Hidden and retractable 4-wheel system that turns 360º to ease the movement of the table. Limitless flexibility!
Removable armrest
Upholstered armrests that can be folded and removed. They are synchronized with the back support. They ensure ease of access for the patient. If you exchange the armrest position, they can be used when the patient is lying face down.
Breather hole
It ensures best comfort for the patient when lying face down.
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